For those it may concern: the Feature list.

InMemory.Net Feature List

  • Pure Dot Net In Memory Database
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Easily Import data through ODBC/OLE DB/ Dot Net Data Drivers, through simple text scripts or via a Dot Net API. E.g.

DATASOURCE a1=ODBC ‘dsn=your_DSN’ IMPORT sales=a1.sales SAVE

  • 32 Bit / 64 Bit Odbc Drivers
  • INNER / LEFT Join Support on multiple fields
  • UNION ALL Support
  • SQL Mostly Compatible with SQL Server
  • Data is stored in Columnar Data Structure. Bit packed on Disk. Lookups expand to Byte/Short/Int in memory.
  • Subquery support, with column elimination and parent where clause pass through. NOCACHE keyword to control, whether common suqueries to be turned into tables.
  • Currently support 14 of TPC-H queries. Able to execute about 100k queries on 1G TPC-H Dataset in 1 hour ( 4 Core CPU).
  • Highly parallel query execution during main stage, reduction and results processing.
  • Joins between tables can be created dynamically at Run Time, and are not hard coded during extract phase
  • Clustered Index feature.
  • Easy to Embed core technology in Dot Net products. ( Currently 2 DLLs )
  • COM & Dot Net Api for connecting and communicating with database.
  • Queries compiled to Dot Net assemblies, and then JIT compiled to run very quickly. Constants, tables & column names abstracted to allow reuse.
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