The best way to understand the speed, scalability and performance of InMemory.Net is to try it for yourself.

Download the Server and Client to see why leading companies are managing their data with InMemory.Net. Updated: Jan 8th 2018  Changes

Downloads of InMemory.Net are subject to our EULA. All Windows executable downloads can be uninstalled by going into Add/Remove programs, and selecting the appropriate InMemory.Net program.


InMemory.Net IRDB Server Installer
In-memory Database Server, includes 32 bit odbc driver.

InMemory.Net IRDB Client Installer
Client library, used to communicate with an IRDB Server.

InMemory.Net IRDB 64 Bit ODBC Driver
This installs just the 64 bit Odbc Driver for IRDB.

InMemory.Net IRDB Mac OS X & Unix Distribution
This Zip contains the necessary files to run IRDB
on a Mac OS X or Linux Machine (Using Mono). Unix Notes.


InMemory.Net IRDB/IRDBImport Server Manual
InMemory.Net IRDB Dot Net Programmers Reference

Compatible Products

Interactive Reporting 3.3


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