the unveiling

Its been two years, a lot of caffeine, and finally we begin to officially unveil the new database. It works. Battletested with several existing clients, the new reporting database speeds up query times by an order of magnitude or more. Here’s the initial pitch: delivers enterprise level speed at cost accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

1 – Time is, of course, precious. Faster queries save you time.

2 – Faster queries are less stressful. The answers come back quick, allowing your thoughts to continue uninterrupted.

3 – The consequences of speed and ease of use are not just comfort. More queries in less time leads to a better handle on your own data, risks and data anomalies are detected early, as well as trends with the opportunities to increase revenue.

We’re written in .NET, but we run cross platform. We’re benchmarking faster than other large vendor equivalents, but we’re a fraction of the price. Talk to us  –



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